Saffron is one kind of herb obtained from stigmas of the flower of "CROCUS SATIVUS LINNAEUS" also known as rose of Saffron. These are in trumpet shape,bright red in colour graduaily changing to yellow.

Saffron's quality is settled by the type of soil used for cultivation, climate and it's processing along with storage as saffron is grown mostly by small farmers but not by co-operatives,or corporations that is why saffron's quality is a big issue. saffron is judged by its colouring strengh,aroma and flavor.

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Though Saffron is not grown in large quantity even then it is being sold around four times more of its production all due to Adulteration and Blending ect. We are confident of our product's purity because we purchase it directly from farmers under Suprevision of our Experienced staff in the Valley. Saffron is so sensitive therefore it requires proper care. we pack it after Cleaning and Sorting properly and storage is done with adequate care to let it remain fresh.

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  • Nice flavor and very good colour, always use this product by keeping it dipped in milk or water at least 1 hour before use it will give very nice colour, and rich flavor
  • This is great, infect i was bit unsure to buy but now i am glad that i bought this, is really good, i also tested with some of the saffron test methods from google and it proved positive. So I guess this is 100% pure. I bought this just 15 days before so will share my view about quality after 3 months as well.
  • It's original i think. I used it for my face pack and worked well. Need to soak in milk for 5-6 hrs to get the result.
  • very strong, aromic, pure Saffron. Make sure to keep in little water for Atleast 1 hour before preparation to let it release all the flavour & utilize it fully (because its flavor & Colour releases slowly).
  • I was a bit unsure about how genuine saffron sold in India would be, but this product is the real deal.