The purity of the saffron in Delhi is guaranteed by the supron saffron, a reputed dealer of pure Kashmir valley saffron in Delhi. The company has been in the business of distribution of the pure saffron in valley since 1995. The purity of saffron has helped them to garner a major share of the Delhi market for saffron demand. The good quality saffron in Delhi market is directly sourced from the Kashmir valley under the professional watch of the company experts. The Kashmir is the only place producing saffron in India, out of India the saffron is produced in Iran,Italy,Spain,Morocco,Greece, etc.
The saffron threads are obtained by a saffron plant. The threads are hand -picked and dried to make the saffron spice. It is estimated that 75,000 saffron blossoms are used to produce the single pound of saffron spice. The higher cost of the saffron spice is also due to the fact that its production is a labor intensive industry.
It is used as medicinal herb, food additive, aphrodisiac, and as immunity booster. The ingredient is mixed in several dishes for taste, immunity booster mixers, and herbs. The extract of the good quality saffron in Delhiare used in perfumes. The saffron spice is taken to cure asthma, cough, insomnia, intestinal gas, several types of cancer, cramps, and mental impairments as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer. It is highly effective in menstrual discomforts.
The supron is a reputed brand associated with the saffron in the Delhi. The brand has carved a niche for itself in the city based on its supply of good quality saffron in Delhi to the leading clients from hotels , to herb based medicine makers and retailers . The company also offers sale in small packs through its online store. The individual clients can buy in small packs for enhance taste, flavor and health benefits of many dishes and desserts.