Kesar is Hindi word meaning saffron. The saffron is a highly prized spice used as flavor enhancer, food additive and for medicinal and aphrodisiacs properties. The Kesar in Delhi is distributed by the Supron saffron since the established of their business in 1995. The company directly buys dried saffron threads from the farmers in the Kashmir valley, the only saffron producing state in the India.
The Kashmir saffron is considered the best in the term of its flavour, aroma and coloring strength. The imported saffron from Iran is not as good as saffron from Kashmir. The Kesar is produced through a labour-intensive process. Its crop is produced once a year and around 75,000 blossoms are used to generate one pound of saffron spice. All these factors keep the price of kesar or saffron around 450 INR per gram.
The Kesar in Delhi from the Supron saffron is effective in the treatment of liver, kidney issues, sleep disorders, menstrual disorders, controlling blood pressure, depression, joint pain, joint inflammation, removing sexual weakness of man, curing gas and acidity problems and working as the immunity booster. It is used as an ingredient in skin creams, chyawanprash, and is considered helpful for improved memory and brain function. In dishes, it enhances the taste, flavour and gives a mouthwatering aroma. The Kesar in Delhi is available in small packs of one gram each from the online platform of the company Supron saffron. The customers can place the order online in bulk quantity. The order can be placed in grams. The quality packaging protects and preserves the qualities of the saffron. The Supron saffron provides the guarantee to all customers that every saffron thread from the shop or online store is the purest form of saffron.